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who we are

One of the leading ICT providers
in the market

FORZIQ is one of the leading ICT providers in the market that provides latest technology solutions with proven track records of project implementation in the niche of IT and Security Infrastructure.



We are the first in line to solve your vulnerable ICT environment towards sustainable and dependable ICT infrastructure to compliment your core business operations.


We carry multiple top tier ICT products as our backbone to give the best outcomes to our clients.


Our in-house certified engineers are well equipped with tons of experience to entertain the best service to our clients.

Good company and good discourse are the very sinews of virtue

Our products and services include system integration solution, desktop and peripherals, structured cabling, network security & management and ICT-related consultancy & services. All these products and services are available on both proprietary and open-source platforms.


Our Clients

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An original team of passionate creators

Our quality partners
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quality partners

Our Products

Without quality partners, we would not be able to provide services living up to your expectations. We believe our partnership with the industry sustainability leaders give us clear, proactive solutions to pass on and enact with our valued client.

highest degree of professionalism,

Deliver the right solutions, comply with their requirements and cost-effective

We will always set the highest standard in delivering their needs by providing proactive and pre-empt after sales support service
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What We Do

Building the future with technology, gear and software, embracing the cloud, intelligence, potential and smarter.

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